Extractions, exploitation, destruction: How state-sanctioned disenfranchisement stunted Black wealth acquisition (Part 1 of 3)

by Contributing Writer Mana Tahaie Earlier this year, Tulsa Development Authority (TDA) once again came under scrutiny by Tulsans concerned about the displacement of Black North Tulsa residents. In March, City Councilor Vanessa Hall Harper warned residents of… Read More

The Importance of Community Voice in Community Development

by Senior Writer Becca Lais “At least it’s something.” This is a statement that North Tulsa community members are tired of hearing, much less accepting. Kandy Whitley-White shared this sentiment as she spoke about the Unity Heritage Plan… Read More

Our Children Got Left Behind: Humanizing the Lives Behind Juvenile Arrest Statistics

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak This past Wednesday evening, a hundred or so Tulsans gathered to discuss disparities in juvenile arrests uncovered in the Tulsa Equality Indicators report.  The gathering was historic. Never have City Council members, concerned… Read More

Continued apathy and misinformation by those in power showcases need for community members to tell their stories

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman Tulsa’s city council held their first listening session Wednesday evening regarding the disparities in juvenile arrests and financing the Office of the Independent Monitor (OIM). The position was created in response to the… Read More

Who’s going to police the police? Establishing an OIM is crucial to carrying out meaningful justice in our city

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman It seems as if the vast majority of black folks who claim roots in North Tulsa have had some sort of negative experience of one sort or another with the city’s main law… Read More

Consolidation frustration: Changes to McLain feeder pattern schools cause concern in the community

by Staff Writer Bianca Lowe Last fall, a group of community members, The North Tulsa Community Education Task Force (NTCETF), came together to confront the issues that have been plaguing McLain 7th Grade Academy.  The Task Force was… Read More


by Staff Writer Britni Sharde This evening, I have borrowed my tears from my ancestors. What has plagued my mother and haunts my father has fertilized the soil on which we stand.My feet meet the history of anguish… Read More

Race massacre commission’s lack of transparency and inclusion causes concern in community

by Staff Writer Deon Griggs In July of 2016, Senator Kevin Matthews announced the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission’s proposal. This commission’s primary goal was to educate the public at large about the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, as… Read More

Who are the gatekeepers for the future of the historic Greenwood buildings?

by Multimedia Specialist Taylor Finley As the 100th year anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre approaches, the future development of the last two buildings on historic Greenwood have become a growing topic of conversation. This is especially true… Read More