They Don’t Feel The Way We Do: Racial Bias in Maternal Health

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman An absent OBGYN, an unknown, apathetic stand-in, an epidural, a medically unwarranted Cesarean section procedure, and unnecessary physical complications during the recovery process made what should have been the most joyous event of… Read More

From Creation to Completion: A Look at the Tulsa Web Series “bLERDS”

By Multimedia Specialist Taylor Finley Born in Augusta, Georgia to military parents, Hank Byrd was accustomed to moving around as a child. In 2003, he chose to make Tulsa his home and brought with him a vision of… Read More

Khaotic Bliss: The Creative World of Tizzi

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman Terms like the Renaissance Man (or Woman) and Triple Threat have been used in reference to individuals with a wide variety of intellectual, scientific, and artistic abilities throughout history. There has been a… Read More

How do we truly see our children? Racial bias and its role in juvenile justice

by Contributing Writer Tyrance Billingsley II Are all children created equal in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Or rather, do the systems we have built and schemas we have constructed about our children reflect that? A section of the recent City… Read More

A Collaborative Effort: Mentorship’s Vital Role in the Community

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde Mentorship is believed to be guidance, influence, and support between two or more individuals. This professional or social relationship has impacted leaders all over the world. Communities in North Tulsa, both young and… Read More

Dr. Crutcher’s Personal Journey Towards Justice and Reconciliation

by Contributing Writer Hannah Jarman When Dr. Tiffany Crutcher enters a space, the entire energy changes. Whether it’s a City Council meeting, a school board meeting, a panel discussion, canvassing in the community, or a casual discussion over… Read More

Making the OIM Matter: Why We Need To Go Back To The Drawing Board

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak In February of this year, Mayor G.T. Bynum announced plans to create an Office of the Independent Monitor (more information about the proposed OIM ordinance can be found here) using the model currently… Read More

Following Your Passion: A Conversation with Charity Marcus

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman Black female entrepreneurship has had a meteoric rise nationally, statewide, and locally in recent years. According to a 2018 study around the state of women-owned businesses featured in Forbes, “while the number of… Read More

Are all cops the same? A black female officer’s perspective

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde We’ve heard the saying “Not all cops are the same!” Some of us have had respectable experiences, like being pulled over and only being given a warning or a ticket. But there are… Read More

Consolidation frustration continues: A community member’s concerns around the Monroe reconfiguration

by Contributing Writer Darryl F. Bright Attached [below] is a Coalition presentation that I made to TPS Board of Education July 15, 2019 regarding Monroe. The document attached below was the basis for my presentation. It would have… Read More

Crisis in North Tulsa: Systemic Racism and its Effect on Black Mental Health

by Contributing Writer Shalon R. Youngblood People with mental illness are often left to deteriorate until their actions provoke a police response, which has occurred all too often in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On August 24, 2018, Joshua Harvey, an… Read More