Reparations: A Case for Financial Compensation for Black Americans

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde Reparations are, by definition, the act of putting into proper condition or repairing with either services or monetary support for destruction and/or loss inflicted upon a community of people or nation. Discussions concerning… Read More

Unanswered Cries for Preservation

The Importance of Bullying and Suicide Prevention for Our Youth by Executive Editor Timantha Norman If suicide was a black phenomenon and all of a sudden there was an uptick in white kids committing suicide, there would be… Read More

Prioritizing Growth and Community: Individualized Student Support Services in North Tulsa

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman The debate around how to properly support all students academically and otherwise has been raging for decades. When it comes to black students especially, the lasting effects of racially discriminatory educational practices, a… Read More

Bridging the Divide

A Conversation with Congressional Candidate Kojo Asamoa-Caesar by Executive Editor Timantha Norman Representing and advocating on behalf of the hopes, dreams, and needs of one’s fellow citizens is what the rewarding, necessary, yet difficult work of the elected… Read More

The Victory of Greenwood: A. J. Smitherman

by Contributing Writer Carlos Moreno A.J. Smitherman is best known for being the founder of The Tulsa Star—Tulsa’s first black newspaper and the first black daily newspaper in the nation, according to his obituary in the Buffalo Evening… Read More