Making Sure We Don’t Forget: Tulsa Community Remembrance Coalition’s 10,000 Brick Campaign

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde Tulsa’s Greenwood District, also known as Historic Black Wall Street, was the most influential hub of Black entrepreneurship and free enterprise in the history of the United States. In May of 1921, this… Read More

The Importance of Black Homeownership in Wealth Creation

by Contributing Writer Aszurdee Sadé You dream of accumulating wealth. You want to increase your income, your investments, and your savings over time. However, there’s a problem. Income inequality and other underlying socio-economic conditions are the biggest hindrances… Read More

Unappreciated and Underpaid: The Support Staff of TPS

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde “There appears to be a disconnect between the people that run Tulsa’s education system and the people that work for them,” said community advocate Kelsey Royce. According to several sources, support staff have… Read More

The 2020 Census: The Necessity of Being Counted

by Managing Editor Raynell Joseph Since 1790, the U.S. government has counted its population every 10 years through what’s known as the Census. It counts the population in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S…. Read More