Tulsa Housing Authority Extends Deadline for Emergency Rental Assistance Program

by Staff Writer Torrel Miles The global pandemic has decimated the mirage of normalcy we have become accustomed to. Businesses have floundered and careers have been cut short. Social interaction has become taboo. Sneezing and coughing have become… Read More

Creating with Intention: Ebony Easiley’s Mission to Increase Communal Arts Access

by Managing Editor Raynell Joseph Creatives have historically used their chosen medium in powerful ways. Often illuminating the margins and highlighting the need for societal changes.  It was creatives that shaped the Black Power Movement in the 1960s… Read More

The Victory of Greenwood: Horace “Peg Leg” Taylor

by Contributing Writer Carlos Moreno It’s no exaggeration to say that no one in Greenwood’s history is more shrouded in myth and legend than Horace “Peg Leg” Taylor. He is said to have been a World War I… Read More