white protest participant wearing "reckoning" sign

White Allyship: The Magic Of Missing The Point

by Contributing Writer Josh Linton It was the last day of May 2020. It was muggy and not what you’d call traditional Oklahoma summer heat. However, the inside of my mask had already started to display the salty residue of someone not quite prepared for the humidity. That afternoon, some friends and I gathered with… Read More

True Safety Means Less Police and More Community Support

by Contributing Writer Jadan Janak In May, the United States and the world reached a boiling point. With the COVID-19 crisis, lack of substantial support from local, state, and national governments and the refusal to protect citizens, the public became incensed following the additional murders of Black people by the state. Questions about the validity… Read More

At a Double Disadvantage: Living Black with a Disability

by Staff Writer Torrel Miles It is a threadbare veil of understanding that separates us from our daily routine and utter helplessness. We are molded from childhood to expect a certain cadence of behaviors that lead to completing a goal, such as the way we brush our teeth every morning in order to maintain a… Read More

The Importance of Black Homeownership in Wealth Creation

by Contributing Writer Aszurdee Sadé You dream of accumulating wealth. You want to increase your income, your investments, and your savings over time. However, there’s a problem. Income inequality and other underlying socio-economic conditions are the biggest hindrances to Black homeownership and wealth creation. Black households lack access to affordable financial products and are unable… Read More

The Cannabis Crux: Marijuana Legalization in Post-“War on Drugs” Oklahoma

by Contributing Writer Shalon R. Youngblood According to a report from Marijuana Business Daily, more than 5% of Oklahoma’s population is registered as a medical marijuana patient, surpassing any other medical cannabis program in the nation. In that same report, analysts proposed that by the time Oklahoma’s medical marijuana program reaches maturity, the market could… Read More


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