A Look Into the 2021 TPS District 3 School Board Race

by Managing Editor Raynell Joseph On February 9th, Judith Barba made history as the first, first-generation immigrant ever elected to office in Tulsa Public Schools. Across the nation, communities elect people to who they feel will make the best decisions on behalf of students attending public schools. Electing school board members… Read More

Fashion as Power: A Glimpse into Serae Avance’s Irie Blue Co.

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde In the fashion industry, the aspects of style and culture are small pieces to a much larger puzzle. For artists that breathe creativity, like Serae Avance, fashion is more than the opportunity to look good. Fashion is power. “It’s power because it represents self as a… Read More

Heal Us, Elevate Us: Exploring the Art and Brand of Erica Hicks

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde The mainstream usage of phrases like body positivity and mental wellness have challenged the status quo concerning body image and mental health. One of the main drivers of these movements was a demand for freedom from the social stigma of what a beautiful body should look… Read More

A Gaslit Century: The Journey Towards Justice for Greenwood

by Staff Writer Kolby Webster “Plaintiffs, Greenwood and North Tulsa residents and their descendants have experienced and continue to experience insecurity in their lives and property and their sense of comfort, health, and safety has been destroyed” is a recurring phrase in the Justice for Greenwood petition that expresses the generational… Read More

Men of No Nation: The Creek Freedmen and the Fight for Inclusion

by Staff Writer Torrel Miles Wilma Mankiller, the first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, was once quoted as saying that “an Indian is an Indian regardless of the degree of Indian blood or which little government card they do or do not possess.” The Creek Freedmen, who have been… Read More


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