Unanswered Cries for Preservation

The Importance of Bullying and Suicide Prevention for Our Youth by Executive Editor Timantha Norman If suicide was a black phenomenon and all of a sudden there was an uptick in white kids committing suicide, there would be… Read More

Real Talk With Black Men: Emotional Support for Men in North Tulsa

By Multimedia Specialist Taylor Finley “If you don’t have any positive reinforcements, it’s depressing,” said Kenya Williams, a native North Tulsan. That is the heart behind why he decided to start a support group called Real Talk with… Read More

Crisis in North Tulsa: Systemic Racism and its Effect on Black Mental Health

by Contributing Writer Shalon R. Youngblood People with mental illness are often left to deteriorate until their actions provoke a police response, which has occurred all too often in Tulsa, Oklahoma. On August 24, 2018, Joshua Harvey, an… Read More