Myth of a Resilient Tulsa: The Problem with the Equality Indicators

by Staff Writer Torrel Miles Early February of this year, when questioned by a reporter from the Tulsa World on whether  the Equality Indicators were an “accurate representation of police use-of-force incidents within the department,” Major Wendell Franklin,… Read More

When Economic Development Only Benefits Some: Tulsa’s Struggle with Inequitable Economic Opportunity

by Staff Writer Lindsay Myers We often celebrate when large businesses and corporations are willing to establish roots in Tulsa. Of course, the benefits should not be overlooked because more business generates revenue for our local economy and… Read More

True Safety Means Less Police and More Community Support

by Contributing Writer Jadan Janak In May, the United States and the world reached a boiling point. With the COVID-19 crisis, lack of substantial support from local, state, and national governments and the refusal to protect citizens, the… Read More

What happens when the data is inconvenient? Tulsa’s struggle with meaningful implementation

by Staff Writer Lindsay Myers Under Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Tulsa adopted the Open and Accessible Data Resolution in 2013. This set the stage to make data transparency a city-wide priority. Three years later, the citizens of Tulsa were… Read More

Tulsa Has a Traffic Problem: How Leadership has Misled the Community into Investing in Inequitable Infrastructure

by Contributing Writer Kolby Webster “Good streets are more than a convenience – they are an economic necessity,” reads Bynum’s re-election site. However, in a city as sprawled as Tulsa, the attitude of entitlement to our vast and… Read More

The Path Forward: Tulsa Star’s Guide to Tulsa’s Mayoral Candidates

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman Tulsa has been thrust into the national spotlight in recent years on the heels of the 100-year anniversary of the worst instance of racial terror to ever take place on American soil during… Read More

The Continual Erasure of Greenwood

by Staff Writer Lindsay Myers By now, most Tulsans are familiar with the history of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, when miles of Black-owned businesses and homes were destroyed. Black residents have worked tirelessly for nearly a century… Read More

History repeating itself: Black contractors fight for equity and inclusion in city contracts

by Managing Editor Raynell Joseph Small businesses contribute to the overall economic health of a community. Black Tulsans have a model in Greenwood, where African-Americans built wealth, re-invested it into the community, and lent money to aspiring entrepreneurs…. Read More

Is This The Best This City Can Do? The City’s Responsibility To Ensure True Justice for All

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde “We don’t need a show. We need a police chief that will take servicing our community seriously,” a demand rightly expressed by North Tulsa native and executive editor of the Tulsa Star, Timantha… Read More

A National Travesty: A Comprehensive Summary of the 2001 Commission Report on the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre

by Staff Writer Britni Sharde Editor’s Note: The term “race riot” is used several times throughout this text when referring to the official name of the report. We at the Tulsa Star fully understand that the tragic events… Read More

How do we truly see our children? Racial bias and its role in juvenile justice

by Contributing Writer Tyrance Billingsley II Are all children created equal in Tulsa, Oklahoma? Or rather, do the systems we have built and schemas we have constructed about our children reflect that? A section of the recent City… Read More

Having the Tough Conversations: Racial Bias and Use of Force

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak Wednesday’s special panel discussion on the use of force disparities in our city proved to be enlightening. Joining the esteemed panel of guests was Stanford Professor and MacArthur Genius Award winner Dr. Jennifer… Read More

Who’s going to police the police? Establishing an OIM is crucial to carrying out meaningful justice in our city

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman It seems as if the vast majority of black folks who claim roots in North Tulsa have had some sort of negative experience of one sort or another with the city’s main law… Read More