The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak Thirteen years ago, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, an organization dedicated to ending state and state sanctioned violence against Black and Brown communities, released a groundbreaking anthology titled, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (Duke University Press). In it, the authors illustrate how the ever-expanding non-profit sector has attemptedContinue reading “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded”

Break the Chains Off: An Introduction to Prison Abolition

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak There is a fundamental problem with policing and incarceration in this country. According to 2016 Department of Justice statistics, 1 in every 38 citizens in the United States is under correctional supervision, meaning under probation, parole, or currently incarcerated. This incarceration rate is the highest in the world by far. OklahomaContinue reading “Break the Chains Off: An Introduction to Prison Abolition”