The Victory of Greenwood: J. B. Stradford

by Contributing Writer Carlos Moreno On the morning of Tuesday, December 1st, 1908, J.B. Stradford and his wife Augusta boarded a train from Kansas on the Katy line to Tulsa, Oklahoma. They refused to ride in the furthest train car, reserved for Black passengers, behind the cars that carried animals. The conductor wired the trainContinue reading “The Victory of Greenwood: J. B. Stradford”

The Victory of Greenwood: Dr. A. C. Jackson

by Contributing Writer Carlos Moreno Every Tulsa historian would agree that among the most tragic of the deaths which occurred during the Race Massacre of 1921 was that of Dr. A.C. Jackson. The esteemed physician and surgeon was well-respected not only in Greenwood but across medical circles throughout the country. However, relatively little is knownContinue reading “The Victory of Greenwood: Dr. A. C. Jackson”

Stalled Justice: Bringing The Tragic Tale of Emmett Till to The Local Stage

by Executive Editor Timantha Norman On the heels of the US government finally passing legislation to classify lynching as a federal crime in the form of a bill named the Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act in recognition of the heinous slaying of the young Black teen at the hands of white supremacists in 1955, North Tulsa-basedContinue reading “Stalled Justice: Bringing The Tragic Tale of Emmett Till to The Local Stage”

The Revolution Will Not Be Funded

by Contributing Writer Jaden Janak Thirteen years ago, INCITE! Women of Color Against Violence, an organization dedicated to ending state and state sanctioned violence against Black and Brown communities, released a groundbreaking anthology titled, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded (Duke University Press). In it, the authors illustrate how the ever-expanding non-profit sector has attemptedContinue reading “The Revolution Will Not Be Funded”